A few ways to improve your Fish & Chip offering

Published on 7th April, 2017

With years of experience working closely with operators, it’s safe to say we’ve come to know a few things about the foodservice sector and the fish & chip industry in particular.

We are no fish experts and that’s not our ‘plaice’. However, after a recent article by The Independent stating that Fish and chips are falling out of favour with millennials.

We have decided to put together some of our top tips on how operators can bolster their menus, whether you’re looking to shake up your menu, understand more about what your customers want, or find new and simple ways to increase profit margins.

Fish and chip shops are missing out on Britain’s growing food service market by failing to adapt to the consumer habits of millennials, according to new research.

A study, conducted by the market research firm the NPD Group, shows that sales in fish and chip shops have slumped by more than 4 per cent since 2009, while sales in other so-called quick-service restaurants, or QSRs – like Pret a Manger and McDonald’s – have risen by 9.2 per cent.

Back in 2009, fish and chip shops represented 6.4 per cent of the whole QSR market, but this figure has dropped to 5.6 per cent and threatens to fall even further.

Our traditional fish and chip shops are in real danger of one day disappearing from the British high street,” said Cyril Lavenant, who heads up the food services business for the NPD Group in the UK.

With all this in mind, take a look at our tips below, and head to our serving ideas page for more information on how we can help.

Menu Innovation

If you’re looking to make your offering stand out, then the first step should be to make sure you’re perfecting basics whilst offering something innovative.

According to Mintel research, Menu innovation is crucial for today’s adventurous diners; 57% of diners say that they like to experience new flavours.

Millennials eat out of home more frequently than other generations and, when doing so, are adventurous in their dining habits, placing value on trying new foods.

The Americana Mania continues in the UK foodservice market and has now also permeated the retail market.

Fish and Chip shops should always look to offer extra products like Southern Fried mini fillet bites and Fillet burgers to tap into this on-going trend. This could just be offering a select few daily or weekly specials, tailoring existing items with new ingredients.

Customisation is key

Millennials value individuality, as a result it’s not enough to simply offer set menu items, and that when catering to millennials customisation is key.

Luckily, offering customisable menu items is perhaps one of the easiest – and most mutually beneficial – ways to stand out to the millennial crowd.

Rather than serving items with only one menu application look at using products in more than one way.

For example Meadow Vales Hot & Spicy Fillet is great as it can be put into a bun to make a classic ‘Hot & Spicy Chicken Fillet burger’ or it can be cut up into strips and made into a ‘Hot & Spicy Chicken Fillet Wrap’ combine these with some fresh salad, sides and sauces it’s a sure way of emphasising customisability but also increasing profit.

We shall be releasing more tips on how to make your chippy more competitive on the high street throughout next week, be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter.                                                                             @meadowvalefoods

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