Save time, save waste and choose quality with Meadow Vale this Summer!

Published on 19th July 2022

Save time, save waste and choose quality with Meadow Vale this Summer!

Summer time is hotting up, meaning more people are out enjoying the summer at their favourite leisure spots around the UK. However, with foodservice price inflation forecasted to continue until late 2023, many businesses are trying to strike a healthy balance between increasing prices and consumer demand.

With this in mind, here are a number of ways your business can step up to the challenge with Meadow Vale’s range of versatile, high quality and seriously tasty chicken this summer…

1. Go frozen to save time, money and waste

Many skilled chef vacancies have remained unfilled since the pandemic. Less skill in the kitchen, coupled with the rocketing prices of ingredients, cooking from fresh is becoming a real challenge for may food businesses… but who says you need to?

By using Meadow Vale’s IQF products, you are cutting out the middle man of cooking from fresh, whilst maintaining a consistently high standard of food. With over 90 seriously tasty fully cooked chicken products to choose from, the caterer can be assured of high quality with little preparation and quick cook times.

Our Homestyle range is 100% chicken breast fillet, hand cut and coated in our signature blend of authentic crunchy breadcrumbs and depending on the product, can be cooked from frozen in as little as 60 seconds and no longer than 6 minutes. What’s more, the innovative coating system stays crunchy for longer, while keeping the core warm and succulent for up to 2 hours, perfect for delivery and takeaway!

2. Prioritise quality over quantity

Quality is still consumers’ number one driver on deciding where to eat, coming in above price and breadth of choice. Prioritising traditional consumer favourites with high quality products, alongside an offering of healthier options and ‘summer specials’ can make a huge difference to growing and retaining your consumer base… which has never been made easier with Meadow Vale!

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-cook quality chicken fillet burger with a rustic homemade feel, a simple chicken strip or bite for the perfect side, or nugget options for a kids menu, Meadow Vale leads the market for high quality, tasty chicken in all categories.

3. Flexibility is the key to success

Research suggests 71% of consumers would like to see new items on their food menu at least once a month. The versatility of Meadow Vale chicken allows the caterer to use one product across a wide range of dishes, eliminating the need to buy varying products. Take our Homestyle range for example…

The Homestyle Crispy Shredded Chicken range is a perfect plate filler. With 3 great tasting varieties to choose from and cooked in less than a minute from frozen, it can be used for a variety of summer time favourites from a crunchy wrap or salad to the perfect loaded fries topping. Using less than a handful, you can create an array of amazing dishes and manage portion control with ease to cut costs and save waste.

In addition, our Orignal Vegan Chick’n Strips give the caterer a similarly flexible application. The meat-free market is on the rise, meaning food establishments are obliged to create a vegan offering that can fit the mould. A strip can be used across a menu from a juicy chicken burger to a tasty Thai fusion dish, meaning the need to buy varying vegan products is eliminated and costs are kept low.

Looking for a show stopping summer time menu idea? Visit our menu Ideas section for a range of easy-to-make on trend dishes using Meadow Vale chicken, that will ‘Wow’ your customers for taste, texture and appeal!

For more information on our full IQF chicken range, finding suppliers, requesting free samples or anything else, don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form or call us today!