Are you BRAVE enough to take on Nugzilla?

Published on 19th January, 2018

Created by the Rub Smokehouse, Nugzilla has received quite the attention since launch with over 30 million people seeing this ridiculous food eating challenge, which I’m sure is beyond anything the creators could have imagined.

They have even called out Chicken Nugget lover Usain Bolt to see if he can secure gold in a different competition to what he’s used to, and to do so he would have to beat a time of 6 minutes 20 seconds set by Andy Salisbury.

Before you think you would wipe the floor with this challenge Nugzilla is the equivalent of eating 85 chicken nuggets so you should probably think again, and that isn’t all you will have to finish off a portion of spiced fries in the 10 minutes as well to secure the meal for free.

We are seeing food challenges crop up more and more in restaurants across the UK, the reason this particular challenge caught our eye is due to Meadow Vale being a leading supplier of poultry products, our 100% chicken breast meat and golden crispy coated nuggets have been supplied to the industry for over 25 years and continue to be a top seller.

Fancying ourselves as nugget experts we will be heading down to Rub Smokehouse to take on Nugzilla and will keep you posted on how we get on we will more than likely fail miserably.

To learn more about Meadow Vale’s product range please visit the product section on our website, and let us know your favourite food eating challenge by tweeting @meadowvalefoods

If you fancy taking on this challenge and being in with a chance to win £500 worth of Rub Smokehouse vouchers visit Rub Smokehouse’s website here

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