Boost your profits this festive season

Published on 13th December, 2016

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like attempting to cram an entire festive lunch between two pieces of bread – and, this year, more businesses than ever are making Christmas sarnies (TimeOut, 2016).

With that said, look to boost your profits this festive season by offering simple, tasty and enjoyable food options for the Christmas crowd.

Not all your customers will love turkey this festive season and Meadow Vale Foods has a range of alternative menu options including versatile poultry products with multiple menu applications.

Our cooked chicken portions, can act as a perfect solution for the festive season, enabling pubs and bars to cater for customers who are celebrating with after-work or weekend activities.

They can act as a great food-to go sandwich filling combined with the festive favourites cranberry sauce and sage/ onion stuffing. They offer a quick-to-prepare food option for caterers allowing them to make the most of the festive season especially in times of high footfall.

In addition, they make a great Christmas dinner alternative which can be prepared quickly at any time of day or night to satisfy hungry customers.

Our products are pre-cooked, reducing waste and  removing any food safety issues. This quick and easy product makes it ideal for food-to go and QSR outlets with limited time, staff and equipment. It enables them to step up their profits and spread the Christmas cheer.

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