Company Statement

23rd March, 2020

COVID-19 Update: 23rd March 2020

These are some of the most challenging times for the food service industry.  With the importance of social distancing and the government’s advice to avoid restaurants, pubs and other social activities, the hospitality sector has seen a sharp drop in demand.  The closure of schools will also have a major impact. Despite this, it’s never been more important for us to work together to ensure food supplies get into the hands of end-users.   We all have a crucial part to play in the Covid-19 Critical Response Plan. 

Our priority remains protecting the health and safety of our colleagues, while ensuring we provide the service you need to maintain the food supply chain.

We are also looking to support not just people within our team and our customers but the wider community by filling the freezers of Foyer, a local homeless charity. We will continue with this and other initiative through these challenging times. 

Stock and Service Levels Remain Stable

Despite significant flux in demand, we continue to achieve levels of over 99.5% on Day 1 for Day 3 service on mixed pallet orders.

In the last week, we’ve processed, picked and shipped more than 60,000 cases. 

Our stock holding remains strong and as yet we are seeing no delays on incoming deliveries.  We appreciate all that our storage and delivery partners are doing to keep the supply chain running.

Social Distancing

Increasing social distancing is one important and effective way to slow the spread of the virus, to that end we have implemented additional changes to our ways of working.  The majority of our office- and field-based teams are working from home, meetings are being run virtually.  In addition, our inbound and outbound supply facilities are operating strict screening and delivery protocols.

For ease of reference whilst we are all working more remotely, find a reminder of our Key Contact Numbers here

Changing Market Needs

The huge shift to consuming food at home and with supermarkets struggling to keep up with demand, we are already seeing many of our wholesale partners extending their collection and delivery services to consumers.  Our end-users are ramping up delivery and ‘no touch’ collection together with turning their restaurants and pubs into food retail outlets. 

Now more than ever, it’s important that we work together. We want to support these great initiatives.  We will provide more details early next week to include help to spread the word from POS to support on social media, helping to drive sales during this challenging time and help customers focus on the products that best suit the changes they are making to their businesses.

We are working on further measures to support our sector and customers, these will be announced early next week. Please email with suggestions on additional measures we could put in place to help support the sector and keep the food supply chain flowing.