Consumers looking for frozen food for barbecue season

Published on 28th March, 2019

More people are turning to frozen products for barbecue season, with market research from Meadow Vale Foods showing that more than 73% of people say they would definitely serve it up on their barbecue.

Barbecue food has become more exotic in recent years, and consumers are looking for more than the traditional burger or banger in a bun. Plus, it’s not uncommon to see empty shelves of fresh meat when the sun comes out on a summer weekend so it’s no surprise that frozen food is becoming more popular for those impromptu garden gatherings.

Meadow Vale have a range of skewered, speciality poultry products that can be barbecued from frozen, making barbecues easier and the food on offer more exciting. All Meadow Vale products are fully cooked before being individually quick frozen, so there’s no risk of serving raw poultry. The range includes roast chicken kebabs that can be drizzled with sauce or packed into a wrap or pitta bread, satay chicken and chicken tikka skewers and sriracha chicken chopsticks – succulent chicken cooked in a sweet and spicy marinade.

Meadow Vale Foods Managing Director Nigel O’Donnell said: “It’s no surprise that 73% of people would turn to frozen products for their summer barbecues. You get the same great taste straight from the freezer, and our speciality products mean you can add more exciting options to your grill rather than the traditional burgers and hotdogs.”

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