Meadow Vale’s COVID-19 Updates

We will updating this page regularly with important information about COVID-19 and measures we are taking to ensure the health and well being of all.

Eat Out to Help Out

29th July, 2020

Set to launch on the 3rd of August the new government scheme ‘Eat out to help out’ supports your restaurant with a 50% discount to encourage people to eat out. The scheme will run on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to help on those traditionally quieter days. That is not all diners are not limited […]

Company Statement

11th May, 2020

Firstly thank you to all our customers for your continued support through these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we stick together and we want you all to know we are here to help. As we move into the 8th week of lock-down, I couldn’t be more proud of the team here at […]

Company Statement

23rd March, 2020

COVID-19 Update: 23rd March 2020 These are some of the most challenging times for the food service industry.  With the importance of social distancing and the government’s advice to avoid restaurants, pubs and other social activities, the hospitality sector has seen a sharp drop in demand.  The closure of schools will also have a major […]

Independent wholesalers open business to the General Public

23rd March, 2020

These are some of the most challenging times for the food service industry and we must all adapt quickly, recognising our sector has a crucial part to play in Covid-19. The outbreak has caused huge strain on the supermarket/ retail sector with people panic-buying, this has seen many independent wholesalers jumping in to help by […]

Key Contacts

23rd March, 2020

For ease of reference whilst we are all working more remotely, here’s a reminder of our Key Contact Numbers. Social Distancing Increasing social distancing is one important and effective way to slow the spread of the virus, to that end we have implemented additional changes to our ways of working.  The majority of our office- […]

Government relax rules to allow restaurants & pubs to operate as takeaways

20th March, 2020

With the on-going impact of the COVID-19 outbreak the market is changing faster than ever. This brings many challenges especially to the food sector but with challenges comes opportunity and we are seeing this within the delivery market. Many restaurants and pubs that were once only a dine-in venue have switched to offer delivery to […]

Restaurants diversify to become ‘mini supermarkets’

20th March, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has led to many consumers panic-buying causing stock issues for many supermarkets and convenience stores with even the basics such as bread and pasta becoming hard to find. On the other end of the scale many restaurants have seen a massive reduction in footfall with guidance to the public to socially […]

Sample Service Suspension

17th March, 2020

Sample service suspension due to the current outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona virus) we have taken the decision to suspend our sampling service until further notice. In the meantime please click on the links below for more information on our products, menu idea inspiration or to contact a member of our team. Thank you for your […]

Customer Update COVID-19

16th March, 2020

In the interest of the health and wellbeing of our own staff and to give us the best possible chance of sustaining our current levels of service to our customers, we have put a number of control measures in place across our business.  Where practical, it is ‘business as usual’ and whilst it would be […]