Customer Update COVID-19

16th March, 2020

In the interest of the health and wellbeing of our own staff and to give us the best possible chance of sustaining our current levels of service to our customers, we have put a number of control measures in place across our business. 

Where practical, it is ‘business as usual’ and whilst it would be impossible to account for every eventuality, we feel a pro-active approach that minimises risk is essential.

  • All non-essential visits by Meadow Vale employees to customers/suppliers premises have been postponed – in the event that we do visit a customer/supplier we will get permission in advance from the other party. 
  • All non-essential visits to our premises have been postponed.
  • We have cancelled or postponed our attendance at exhibitions 
  • For visits to our premises that are essential, , the questionnaire on the attached document will need to be completed either in advance or on arrival and we reserve the right to turn away anyone who has visited any of the listed countries in the last 14 days or anyone who answers yes to either of the two questions raised.
  • We will aim to make best use of technology to aid us in the smooth running of our business

Contingency plans

We are being asked by our customers what our contingency plans are. We have identified that the main issue could be in the availability of labour in the supply chain.  Whilst some of our office colleagues could work remotely, storage and distribution colleagues cannot. We are assessing potential gaps in the job functions of our colleagues and will provide training were to have the most flexible workforce possible. 

Our ability to respond depends on our ability to plan and to this end we ask all our customers to keep us informed of any likely changes in demand or working practices.  

Maintaining supply chain 

Whilst we are working to maintain the smooth operation of all our supply chains and hold appropriate levels of stock for maintaining business, it is possible that we will see disruption in the operation of distribution. 

We may see delays in the operation of our usual service and to this end would suggest that you consider your businesses stocking levels, please talk to your account manager or customer service team so that we can plan effectively together. 


In an environment which is moving extremely quickly we will keep timely updates through all channels, please visit in the first instance and follow us on social media @meadowvalefoods

Nigel O’Donnell

Managing Director