Deemak International Consolidation

Published on 31st March, 2021

Following a strategic business review, Deemak International Ltd will be consolidated into Meadowvale Foods Ltd. effective 1st April 2021. 

The two businesses have historically worked extremely closely, with Deemak International Ltd operating as international sourcing partner for Meadowvale Foods Ltd, in South East Asia in particular. 

This consolidation provides opportunities to combine our expertise, streamline the business, processes and transactions, enabling Meadowvale Foods to develop even stronger customer and supplier partnerships. 

The team and trading office in Bangkok are central to the ongoing development of the business and as such will continue working closely with suppliers in South East Asia following the consolidation, illustrating our continued commitment in the region.

For more information please contact Elaine Price, General Manager, Asia, or Nigel O’Donnell, Managing Director, Meadow Vale Foods, on the below contact details.

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