Development Chef Chris talks all things burgers on #NationalBurgerDay

Published on 21st August, 2019

We love Chicken Burgers, and Meadow Vale Chicken fillets are a must for any Burger! But let’s face it, your standard burger comes with cheese, salad and a bit of your favourite sauce, right? We wanted to bring some life back into the standard Chicken burger, so we went off in search of the ultimate on trend flavours from around the world so we could infuse them into new and delicious Chicken Burgers that are sure to please the palate. We even took a trip over the pond to see what’s happening with trends in the most popular regions of the USA. Marvel in the beauty of our creations. We love them. But what do you think?

Food trends are a big deal. We are constantly hitting the streets, jumping on planes and scrolling through our insta feeds in search of new and exciting menu ideas to incorporate with our products. From Bao Buns to Dirty fries, food trends are forever changing and statistically speaking the average person in the UK eats a whopping 33kgs of Chicken a year, that’s 10kgs MORE than Lamb and Beef put together. With that in mind Chicken is a pretty big deal and it will always have a place on the menu. So we keep on top of what’s trending to make sure those chicken dishes on the menu are looking tip top.

Why use Meadow Vale  Chicken Fillets (150g)? There are many great reasons why Meadow Vale products lead the way in the poultry world. As an experienced Chef I know that I want my produce to be consistent, versatile and above all I want it to be delicious so my customers are satisfied every time and keep coming back for more! That is exactly what you get with the Meadow Vale  Chicken Fillet (150g). A guaranteed winner that you’ll be proud to serve.

By using Meadow Vale products you’ll very quickly find that the work load for your team can be significantly reduced. Our Meadow Vale products are fully cooked which allows for a quick cook time, giving more time for your team to focus on other tasks within the busy kitchen and perhaps a little extra time to flick the kettle on!Meadow Vale products are all IQF which is really convenient for any kitchen. Dive in the freezer and grab what you need without having to cook a whole bag. Great for waste management and great for profit, Winner!

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