This is the place you can access our promotional material including our downloadable product brochure and information about the market in general. If there’s anything else you need, please just call us.

Market Report

February 2022 (2.20 MB)

Homestyle Chicken Brochure

2021 (17.28 MB)

Market Report

October 2021 (6.24 MB)

Interim Market Report

May 2021 (4.30 MB)

Market Report

March 2021 (4.82 MB)

Chilli Chicken Bites Menu Ideas

(4.89 MB)

NEW for 2021 our Chilli Chicken Bites, see how you can use them on your menu.

Salt & Chilli Shredded Menu Ideas

(2.85 MB)

Our all new Salt & Chilli Shredded Chicken, a must have for your menu.

Tikka & Satay Skewer Menu Ideas

(2.97 MB)

Serve hot or cold we have 10 menu ideas showcasing both, perfect for every menu.

Market Report

September 2020 (1.90 MB)

Chicken at the Chippy

We have been supporting the Fish & Chip industry for over 30 years, see how Chicken can be a proiftable alternative to fish here. (4.01 MB)

New School Year New Menu

Our new Education Brochure answers your questions on reopening for the new school year (6.13 MB)

Shredded Chicken Menu Ideas

8 fantastic menu ideas for our award winning Shredded Chicken (5.46 MB)

100g Kebab Menu Ideas

(5.29 MB)

Pub Guide to Reopening

Get ready for reopening with our pub guide (7.26 MB)

4 Step Guide to a successful Delivery Menu

Set up your delivery menu with our easy to follow guide (6.38 MB)

4 Step Guide for switching to Food Delivery

The food delivery market is on the rise download our guide here (7.16 MB)

Menu ideas for NEW Japanese Range

(3.12 MB)

Two NEW Japanese style products the Karaage Bites & Katsu Fillet. Download the menu idea brochure.

Select Brochure

2020 (5.82 MB)

Browse our entire range in our online brochure which includes the NEW products.

Market Report

January 2020 (684.70 KB)

The continued impact of African Swine Fever & Brexit

Buttermilk Fillet Menu Ideas

(4.10 MB)

THE Buttermilk Fillet NEW for 2020. Download the menu idea brochure here.

Chicken Portions Menu Ideas

(4.23 MB)

Download our latest Chicken Portions menu idea brochure here.

Chicken Bites Menu Ideas

(1.35 MB)

View this great range of menu ideas using our chicken fillet bites.

Gourmet Fillet Menu Ideas

(4.01 MB)

See our fantastic menu ideas using our 150g Southern Fried and Breaded Fillets.

Market Report

August 2019 (810.16 KB)

Brexit uncertainty continues to impact the poultry industry

African Swine Fever Report

(617.47 KB)

African Swine Fever and its effect on the protein industry

Market Report

July 2018 (7.07 MB)

Our latest insight into the poultry market.

Business Terms & Conditions

2017-18 (132.93 KB)

Please view our business terms and conditions.

November Market Report

2016 - 17 (2.17 MB)

Our latest insight into the poultry market post Brexit.