Easter Excitement

Published on 12th April, 2017

With Easter just around the corner, colourful candies and chocolate rabbits are popping up all over.

Come Saturday, April 15, there will be plenty of egg hunts going on around the UK, busy with youngsters seeking hidden treasures.

For most leisure venues, it means business. Due to the timings of national pay day, mild weather and the trend for consumer spending focused on leisure and hospitality trips, it expects Easter 2017 to outperform last year’s footfall, which dropped 1.9%.

Springboard forecasts that the UK high street will see an 8.8% footfall increase over the four-day spring holiday.

With schools out and parents often taking time off, hoping to keep kids busy, active and interested (on the days they’re not egg hunting!) they will need somewhere to do that.

With footfall increasing over the Easter period, leisure venues have the chance to capitalise on their food offer with kids running up a big appetite and parents needing something while they wait.

At leisure venues such as indoor soft play centres and kid’s party venues like Gambado sometimes sitting down isn’t an option.

Why sit down when you can play? But, equally, you need to eat. Quick and easy food means there will be no need to put the brakes on proceedings and be accused of being a ‘party-pooper’. With this in mind, don’t let the party stop by offering our top-selling Battered Chicken Nuggets ; they are ideal for businesses with high footfall and small kitchens and they cook quickly and consistently, which is important when there are lots of hungry mouths to feed.

Taking a break from the tiny tearaways, Easter is a feast day, so should also, traditionally, be accompanied by a large meal. Offering more sophisticated sharing options will go down a treat for parents who are hungry but not after a big meal after a long day on their feet.

Our Roast BBQ Chicken Wings make a great addition to any platter while onion rings, garlic bread and potato skins always prove popular.

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