Google reveals Chicken Breast Recipes are one of 2017’s Top Searches

Published on 19th December, 2017

The world’s most popular search engine Google have revealed what everyone has been searching in 2017.

The internet giant split the searches into a variety of popular topics, these ranged from global sporting events to actors with Meghan Markle taking the title for the latter, which is of no surprise with her recent engagement with Prince Harry.

Off the back of McDonald’s announcing that chicken is now their top selling protein, Google have revealed that chicken breast recipes are the number one search for that particular topic.

Meadow Vale’s website has plenty of menu ideas for you to look at and find the perfect fit for your menu, we specialise in poultry and are therefore always ahead of the latest trends and flavour combinations.

As well as the clear popularity of chicken shown by google searches a recent study conducted by Huawei found that chicken is the third most popular food and drink to share on Instagram, only missing out on the top spot to eggs and cake, so don’t be surprised if people are taking a quick snap of your dish before tucking in.

Meadow Vale’s fantastic food offerings are the perfect solution for busy kitchens, all products are fully-cooked before being frozen and come in a range of different flavours, giving you more time to perfect the new exciting recipe you just discovered with the knowledge that you won’t be serving raw chicken.

If you would like to read more about Meadow Vale’s menu ideas you can do so by clicking here:

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