Government relax rules to allow restaurants & pubs to operate as takeaways

20th March, 2020

With the on-going impact of the COVID-19 outbreak the market is changing faster than ever. This brings many challenges especially to the food sector but with challenges comes opportunity and we are seeing this within the delivery market.

Many restaurants and pubs that were once only a dine-in venue have switched to offer delivery to customers with the government relaxing rules to allow businesses to keep operating.

Meadow Vale are here to help with our Homestyle product range perfect for the delivery market. The Homestyle range has an innovative crunchy textured coating which stays crunchy even when cooled with the whole muscle core remaining succulent.

This shows how fantastic the industry is at adapting to unforeseen incidents and how we can all pull together to support one another. Stay safe and remember we are here to help during these testing times.