Increase in Pizza popularity can boosts side-order sales.

Published on 21st December, 2016

When Britons eat out this Christmas, it’s pizza they tend to choose, according to research by The NPD Group.

From our perspective we see a large number of takeaway restaurants add pizza to their offering.

A report from Mintel suggests that 45% of customers regularly consume pizza out-of-home making this style of cuisine one of the most widely consumed in the industry and something those in the grab-and-go sector can build upon.

It is therefore possible to make more than one use out of a product. We all know how it works when you’re tucking into a pizza – you need to be able to go back and forth from pizza to chicken wing to pizza to dough ball to dip, then back to pizza.

One way of benefiting from this growth in demand for pizza, is by capitalising on the increase in consumer spending.

No pizza feast is complete without a selection of mouth-watering extras. These can be used to make customers spend that little bit extra.

Businesses are always after new ideas to tempt consumers.

Our new range of Homestyle chicken presents a solution for casual dining and QSR businesses looking for on-trend side dishes to accompany the increase in demand for pizzas.

The Homestyle range features an authentic hand-cut and hand-coated whole muscle chicken product with an innovative crunchy coating.

The innovative coating specifically developed for the casual dining, street food and QSR markets allows it to be cooked in the fryer or the pizza-oven, helping to keep the product temperature higher for longer.

Our Homestyle Hot & Spicy Bites or Strips have quickly become major players in the game of sides.

With a crunchy coating and a tender inside, these can be combined with dips like BBQ or Garlic & Herb to finish off the ultimate pizza experience.

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