Japanese flavour set to be the biggest trend in 2021

Published on 2nd July, 2021

Japanese food has become one of the fastest growing cuisines throughout the UK and we predict this to continue, with the Olympics and other sporting events all happening in close succession we are becoming more familiar with Japanese culture.

It’s not just the Olympics that is contributing to the popularity of Japanese Food with the number of eateries in the UK growing by 67% in just the last few years. Due to this demand we launched our very own Japanese Style Fried Chicken in 2019 with our popular Karaage Bites & Katsu Fillets.

Our Karaage Chicken Bites give you that authentic Japanese flavour with each bite! Using only real ingredients including ginger, garlic & soy sauce they are sure to leave your customers wanting more. Like all of our products our Karaage Bites come fully cooked & individually quick frozen taking the stress away from busy kitchens, especially with reopening demand, and ensuring a consistent great tasting product each time.

Best yet we are currently offering our customers a chance to try this fantastic product for completely free, fill in the form below and begin experimenting on some menu ideas, or simply recreate one of ours here.

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