‘Made to demand’ concept holds the key to increased profits

Published on 5th December, 2016

Mintel’s’ recent consumer trend report ‘Make it Mine’ outlines how consumers’ ongoing demand for control over what they eat is shaping the way QSR and food-to-go operators look to appeal to customers’ rising expectations when dining out of home.

Finding a cost-effective way to serve up an on-trend food offering is becoming increasingly important as more and more customers want to customise their meals from fast food venues.

There has been an increase in customers who expect personalisation, suggesting that businesses need to find new ways to capture their attention.

Offering a range of dishes that can be personalised and combined to make special meal deals acts as a great way of adding ‘premium’, while expanding the options on your menu. This makes customers likely to return time after time.

Certain chicken dishes such as wings can offer venues more flexibility when it comes to customising. Meadow Vale has three types of wing on offer, including fast casual and American-themed dishes, such as the popular new recipe Crispy Hot Wings and the tasty marinated BBQ roast chicken wings. These products are examples of really adaptable dishes that can be eaten alone, whilst presenting a profit boosting opportunity – like adding chips on the side for a small extra cost.

Offering customers the chance to personalise their meal gives you the opportunity to offer flexible options which can be used to give a high-end value for relatively low expenses, giving your profits that little extra boost!

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