Raising money for Children in Need

Published on 19th November, 2019

Meadow Vale Foods raised over £300 for Children in Need on Friday the 15th of November with a variety of fundraising activities that included stick the patch on the Pudsey, guess the number of nuggets in the jar and find the hidden Pudsey.

As well as the fundraising activities Meadow Vale Chef Chris Moyes put on a Christmas lunch for all staff, it featured our Chicken Portions which you can receive a free sample of in the lead up to Christmas by visiting here.

But why choose Meadow Vale’s Chicken Portions? Each portion is carefully calibrated to ensure consistency in every piece, they are fully cooked eliminating the risk of handling raw poultry in your business, the Chicken Breast is cooked on the bone keeping the moisture is locked in and they are cut after cook preventing skin shrinkage.

Whilst Chicken Portions are great when used as part of a Sunday Roast this doesn’t have to be their only use. We understand that versatility is very important to caterer’s so we created 8 entirely different menu ideas using the same Chicken Portion. View them for yourself by clicking here.

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