Reducing Waste, One Box at a Time

Published on 16th January, 2020

In 2019 we celebrated our 30th anniversary which gave us a great opportunity to look at what we have done well in the past but also what we can improve on in the future, which led to how we as a company can become more sustainable.

The first step we are taking on becoming more sustainable is by moving away from the non-recyclable polystyrene boxes we currently send samples in and moving to a fully recyclable cardboard box lined with wool.

We send well over 1,000 samples every year so ensuring they arrive in the best possible condition is definitely a priority, the wool from wool-cool will make sure our samples always arrive frozen eliminating the need to re-send any which in-turn will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

You can read more about Wool-cool and their fantastic product here –

Not only has the change in packaging been beneficial for the environment but also given us freedom to brand the sample box, this will help our customers easily identify the sample with them receiving many deliveries every single day.

We are definitely not stopping here and many more positive changes are in the works to help Meadow Vale become more sustainable. Stay tuned to our social channels and website to see the changes take place throughout this year and beyond.

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