Restaurants diversify to become ‘mini supermarkets’

20th March, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has led to many consumers panic-buying causing stock issues for many supermarkets and convenience stores with even the basics such as bread and pasta becoming hard to find.

On the other end of the scale many restaurants have seen a massive reduction in footfall with guidance to the public to socially distance themselves. Leon Restaurants are one example of how restaurants can help support the supermarkets and avoid closing their business by opening ‘mini supermarkets’.

The idea behind this is not for staff to prepare ready to eat meals for consumers but to sell the stock that would normally be used to create these dishes, meaning any stock these restaurants currently hold will not go to waste.

Many of Meadow Vale Foods’ products come in conveniently sized 1kg bags, easy for consumers to store at home ideal for retail. Along with this all products are fully cooked then frozen meaning they have longer shelf life and won’t have any food waste.

Meadow Vale Foods are here to help in this testing times and will continue to provide updates on how we can support the industry as many businesses adapt to meet the demands of the public.

It is great to see the initiative these companies are showing to ensure the safety of their staff and the general public.  

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