The Street Food Revolution

Published on 1st February, 2017

Being in the thick of the food industry, we always like to look ahead to what’s next.

The Fast Casual Generation, is dictating the future of the food industry; they are now beginning to demand food that’s fast yet high quality.

Life on-the-go is growing increasingly popular across the UK, so portable and quick food is becoming important to our lifestyle. Street food defines exactly that.

Street food started in Asia, is massive in America, and now Europe’s getting a taste of the action too, especially the UK.

Street food is a trend that can’t be ignored, with a continuing influence on the eating out market in the UK.

According to Santa Maria Foodservice UK, street food is paving the way for foodservice innovation.

The profit opportunity from street food is greater than ever. Consumers are willing to pay more for an authentic experience. Their appetite for the new and novel is supporting the growth of temporary formats like street food stalls, markets and pop-ups.

The idea of street food is now becoming more mainstream nationally, with the term featuring on restaurant menus, and street food operators being integrated into high street concepts.

Ethnic street food continues to evolve in the UK foodservice market due to sustained consumer interest in global flavours.

Street food is starting to influence the food choices of nearly ½ of consumers out of home. There is no doubt foodservice operators should look to integrate this growing trend into their menus.

With that said, we want to help you take advantage of the street food profit opportunity with the right flavours and concepts.

The new Homestyle range from Meadow Vale is a great example of an on-trend food solution for the foodservice industry; the 7 products can be applied to a variety of street food inspired dishes.

The range is designed to offer UK casual dining and QSR vendors something different. The Homestyle range features an authentic hand-cut and hand-coated whole muscle chicken product with an innovative crunchy coating.

Elaine Price, NPD Manager at Meadow Vale Foods says ‘’Our new Homestyle range can be adapted in a range of ways to combine with flavours from around the world, such as Asian inspired sauces like Katsu and Penang to the more classic Sweet Chilli and Southern Fried.


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