Why you should start serving Chicken for breakfast.

Published on 23rd May, 2018

In recent years we have seen massive growth in people deciding to venture out from their home to enjoy a quality breakfast, in 2016 brits had eaten breakfast out around 107 million times more than 8 years prior according to the BBC, and this was coupled with them spending on average 31% more on their breakfast compared to 2008.

With attitudes changing towards how to enjoy breakfast the eating out and delivery sector has a great opportunity to capitalise, not only is it important for restaurants to open their doors for breakfast but also offer something that is both unique and exciting to tempt people out of bed. With Chicken being a fairly rare sight on a restaurants breakfast menu it is a great option to stand out from competitors, one of its major advantages is with it being seen as a much healthier option to breakfast favourite’s sausage and bacon, and with us becoming a more health conscious nation this would be a major selling point.

Meadow Vale has a great range of uncoated poultry products perfect as a healthy protein to accompany any breakfast dish, they are all fully cooked and our sliced breast meat can be thawed and served allowing you to keep up with a breakfast rush. Alternatively use our coated products for a chicken and waffles inspired dish or a crispy chicken muffin using our coated fillets.

This isn’t just great news for the restaurant market but also food-to-go and the delivery only sector with 54% of brits willing to pay for breakfast to be delivered, which is a win win as the customer gets to enjoy their breakfast in their pyjamas and the business wouldn’t have to employ in-house staff for breakfast hours, meaning any sales that are made would have a greater profit margin.

Visit Meadow Vale’s menu idea section on our website for some fantastic breakfast idea’s that you should start serving today.

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