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Published on 25th September 2021

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If there’s one silver lining to take from the pandemic for food businesses, it’s the boom of the delivery market.

Thousands of restaurants switched to delivery to help ease the financial strain of long closures during lockdowns. The demand for high quality restaurant meals delivered to the door has therefore, rocketed… but the industry is suffering with a lack of skilled staff to help stem the tide.

It has left many food businesses playing a balancing act in the provision of restaurant quality food with limited catering fire power, one of those including BINN restaurant in Buckingham. We visited the popular fast food eatery to find out how Meadow Vale Chicken is helping to deal with delivery delirium…

BINN Restaurants Case Study

One of many restaurant brands owned by Louis Myhill, BINN restaurant started out as a smokehouse, before switching to burgers, chicken and breakfast favourites. This proved to be a successful move, not only as sales increased for traditional fast food favourites, but because it helped to ease the transition into the delivery market, as Myhill explained:

“We originally started as a smokehouse, before moving more towards selling burgers and chicken, which has proven to be way more successful.”

“Obviously we had to close the restaurant (due to Covid-19), but only closed for one day and moved straight into deliveries, which we didn’t do beforehand.”

“As we came out of lockdown, we struggled to find skilled staff. A lot of people have left the industry to pursue another career because there were no jobs during lockdown.”

It is estimated that half of all consumers are using meal delivery for convenience, meaning restaurants aren’t just catering for the ‘one off’ anymore. People want good food delivered regularly, but there isn’t the cheffing power to fulfil the demand for high quality meals, cooked speedily from fresh ingredients.

Meadow Vale chicken offers a high quality, versatile and convenient product, allowing the caterer to create restaurant quality meals with a fresh appeal straight from the freezer, without the need for specialist preparation.

Louis explained to us how using Meadow Vale products has significantly eased pressure on staffing shortages, while highlighting our hand cut, hand coated Homestyle range as a hot favourite for customers, saying:

“We couldn’t get the staff to keep our products as fresh as we wanted, meaning the consistency was up and down. We use Meadow Vale Chicken to help us deal with the skillsets, as it provides a consistent product across all of our restaurants.”

- BINN Restaurants

“In Buckingham, chicken is definitely the most popular product and it is one of our best sellers. The ‘Big Daddy Burger’, which has Meadow Vale Homestyle Breaded Chicken Fillet, cheese, bacon and hash browns is a particular favourite.”

We love receiving feedback from our customers, and want to be involved in your success with Meadow Vale products. If you’re a Meadow Vale customer and would like to be involved in one of our case studies, don’t hesitate get in touch!

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