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Published on 14th March 2021

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Life at university can be both exciting and stressful… but if the food’s good, it makes the whole experience so much better. After a tough day of lectures and essay writing, there’s nothing better than a hearty takeaway favourite to lift the spirits… which is why we stepped in at Bristol University!

For over five years, students here have feasted on a range of seriously tasty chicken products from Meadow Vale Foods. We visited Head Chef Robert Page to see how our crunchy coated chicken varieties have enhanced the menu offerings at the university.

Robert showed a particular enthusiasm for our highly versatile, hand cut and hand coated Homestyle range, saying:

“We have used Meadow Vale products now for over 5 years and they continue to be very popular with the students.”

“We love the Homestyle range for its variety of flavours, meaning we can easily go from a hot & spicy burger to a southern fried burger with no extra effort needed, keeping the menu for the students fresh and exciting.”

“We are looking at listing some of the new Homestyle products after being extremely impressed by a presentation held by Meadow Vale at which they demonstrated the ease of preparation and the innovative coating this range has.”

At Meadow Vale, we take pride in providing a variety of flavour profiles to fit any cuisine, from the classic pizza topper to the succulent Chinese meal.

No matter the theme, Meadow Vale has a product to delight even the strictest of tastes, but don’t just take our word for it… Robert explained how the quality of Meadow Vale chicken is reflected in the positive feedback from students, saying:

“We have different themed nights with the students which go down very well, Meadow Vale products are great for this as I can use their crispy mini fillets with a sweet & sour sauce for a Chinese inspired meal or with fries and coleslaw for a more American style dish.”

"Having used similar products in the past you can really see the quality increase in Meadow Vale products which is reflected in the great feedback we get from the students and is the reason we continue to use them.”

- Bristol University

Working within the education sector for over 25 years, we pride ourselves on the products and support we offer. The versatility of Meadow Vale products ensures the range meets the needs across the education sector and we work closely with universities and schools to develop new products that fit the bill.

If you’re an educational establishment looking to liven up the menu offerings for students, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you would like to try samples or discuss our range of exciting menu ideas courtesy of our expert Development Chef.

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