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Published on 19th October 2021

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We took a trip to Scotland to visit Danny Stirling, owner of Danny’s Event Catering to find out how Meadow Vale Chicken has won over the hearts and minds of many across the border.

Operating from their base at Simply Bread in Uddingston, Glasgow, Danny spoke to us about the exciting catering concept that he is leading, serving up a mouth-watering variety of grab and go favourites of the highest quality, including our premium Homestyle Chicken.

After taking over the family business which has been running since the 1970s, Danny operates a number of brands throughout the UK offering a whole range of catering experiences and products for all the modern requirements.

Danny's Event Catering Case Study

Despite this, Danny admitted that when it comes to Chicken, there aren’t many products better than Meadow Vale, saying:

“Meadow Vale, I must admit, is the best chicken we’ve ever worked with. We’ve used different (Meadow Vale) products in the past, but at the moment we’re quite focused on the Homestyle range.”

“We use the Homestyle Breaded Strips, the Southern Fried Strips and the Breaded Fillets as well.”

**“The main reason we stick to these three product lines is because they are so adaptable. We use them in a diverse range of dishes, you’ll see from our menu the amount of offerings that we have.” **

- Danny's Event Catering

Danny continued:

“We try to keep the product quite limited (in terms of toppings) because of the quality we get straight from the chicken.”

If there’s something the people of Scotland love, it’s a hearty meal covered in a delicious curry sauce, and what better product than Crispy Shredded Chicken to apply such an esteemed topping!

When asked which menu offering is considered a best seller at Simply Bread, Danny was quick to answer with our award winning Homestyle Salt & Chilli Chicken, which is so versatile, it’s involved in over 4 different menu offerings!

Danny said: “At the moment it’s definitely the Salt & Chilli Chicken. We do various dishes including a Salt & Chilli Chicken wrap, burger, loaded fries."

“We also do a nice little side dish where we season the strips with peppers, onions and curry sauce on it… and it’s huge, especially in the West of Scotland they go mad for it!”

We love hearing from the success of all our customers when using Meadow Vale Chicken, and feedback is valuable for us as a business moving forward.

If you are one of our customers and want to get involved, or you are new around these parts, get in touch today to understand how Meadow Vale can help your food business grow.

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