Humber Road Chippy

Published on 7th June 2020


We visited customer Updesh Nijjar to find out why after 17 years in the fish and chip trade, he is still loyal to our products.

Updesh has been in the food trade for 17 years, running one establishment for 15 years before taking over at Humber Road Chippy in Nottingham. After frying up a batch of our crispy battered nuggets for us to feast upon, Updesh explained his struggle to find a superior product to Meadow Vale chicken.

“We know that using Meadow Vale products means we get quality. We use the battered chicken nuggets and the hot and spicy fillets, and no other product has ever come close to them.””

- Humber Road Chippy

If there’s one thing that university students love (or need!), it’s a good takeaway. Updesh continued to explain how Meadow Vale chicken is proving a hit with the student population of Nottingham:

“We trade in a student area and we are very busy. We serve the hot and spicy fillets on a bun with a hash brown and salad, and we know once someone has tried them they will be back for more.”

“It’s why we are still using Meadow Vale products after all this time. They really are the best products on the market.”

Meadow Vale Foods Managing Director Nigel O’Donnell was delighted with the positive feedback given by Updesh, saying:

“We take great pride in the quality of our products and so it’s always fantastic to hear from loyal customers like Updesh. We are pleased to have served his businesses for so long and to continue to do so”.

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