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Published on 15th November 2021

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Sometimes, it’s better to think outside the box… or inside the box, with chips and rice!

This may be the motto for Kay’s Fish and Chip Shop in Rawtenstall, where Meadow Vale Chicken is putting the Lancashire chippy on the map and proving a tight competitor for the obvious main event on the menu.

We visited Kay’s and spoke to owner Marcus Kay, to find out why our award-winning Homestyle Salt & Pepper Shredded Chicken is proving such a hit with the locals.

Kay's Fish & Chips Case Study

What makes our Homestyle Shredded Chicken products so great is their irresistibly moreish nature… just ask the people of Rawtenstall! Marcus spoke of the spike in popularity for Salt & Pepper shredded chicken from day one, particularly saying:

“We developed on that and started doing a sticky chicken box where we role the chicken in a Thai style sauce and serve with either chips, or chips and rice.”

It’s not just Gen Z that love a chicken box… Marcus went on to highlight an interesting demographic in the popularity for Salt & Pepper Chicken, saying:

“The thing that has surprised me is the amount of older people that are coming in for Salt & Pepper Chicken boxes. He Said. “They will come in more times a week, once for fish & chips and the next visit for Salt & Pepper Chicken. There’s only so many times a week you can eat fish and chips!”

“Customers will maybe come in every Friday for fish and chips, but come in on a Wednesday for Salt and Pepper Chicken. Obviously we sell a lot of fish and chips, but the Salt & Pepper Chicken is definitely second out of everything that we sell. That speaks for itself.”

“It’s crazy that every time I go out, people say ‘Oh, you’re the guy from Kay’s Fish and Chip shop… I love the Salt & Pepper Chicken!’ It’s almost like I’m a bit of a celebrity over the fact that we do nice Chicken!”

- Kay's Fish & Chips

So, people of all ages love the chicken, footfall is increasing, and Kay’s have a way of standing out in a world full of Fish and Chips shops… but what would happen if Salt & Pepper Chicken was removed from the menu?

Marcus dreaded to think of such a damaging prospect, especially with his claim to fame on the line:

“If we took Salt & Pepper Chicken off the menu, people would be coming down with pitch forks!”

“It’s crazy that every time I go out, people say ‘Oh, you’re the guy that Kay’s Fish and Chip shop… I love the Salt & Pepper Chicken!’ It’s almost like I’m a bit of a celebrity over the fact that we do nice Chicken!”

Inspired? You can take a view at our award-winning Homestyle Range here, or contact our expert Development Chef Chris Moyes on 01978 666115 for a chat on all things menu ideas, prices, suppliers and free samples.

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