Krispies Fish & Chips

Published on 13th December 2020


Chicken nuggets? A top seller at the UK’s number one fish and chip shop?

Yes that’s right! Meadow Vale’s Battered Chicken Nuggets are proving to be a hit amongst the punters at Krispies in Exmouth. We paid them a visit recently to see how our products have kept customers coming back for more.

Krispies is a family-run business, owners Kelly and Tim Barnes, began trading 21 years ago. They discussed with us their journey throughout the years leading to the prestigious title of Britain’s best Fish and Chip shop.

Krispies Fish & Chips Case Study

Britain’s Fish and Chip shops are a pillar in flying the foodie flag for this great nation, and what makes a good chippy? At Meadow Vale, we believe the key is in the batter. For 21 years, Krispies has stood out from the crowd because of two factors: their famous battered chip, and using Meadow Vale Chicken.

“We use Meadow Vale products for the quality and consistency of the products, for the 20 years we have used Meadow Vale Chicken Nuggets they have always stayed the same which is great as our customers love them.”

- Krispies Fish & Chips

At Meadow Vale, we pride ourselves on providing products that deliver quality and consistency every time, which is perfect from a supply perspective. During the visit, we also met with James Berisford of SJB foods who supply Meadow Vale products to Krispies.

"We have supplied Meadow Vale products ever since we began trading in frozen goods, they have a fantastic range of products and our customers are always asking for them."

We have many more promotional videos in the pipeline with both our customers and wholesalers so be sure to stay tuned to our social channels all of which can be found below.

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