3 reasons to choose Homestyle Chicken for food delivery

Published on 13th July 2021

3 reasons to choose Homestyle Chicken for food delivery

Chicken is trending, fast food deliveries are booming, and Meadow Vale are here to help you set the bar high with our Homestyle range this autumn!

As eat-in outlets re-opened this year, customers continued to expect more from food-delivery services, prioritising restaurant-quality meals and delivered.

Consumers are looking for healthier options, and whilst red meat consumption has declined, many experts expect chicken consumption in the UK to continue double-digit growth.

Meanwhile, one in six hospitality jobs are currently vacant due to the impact of Brexit and lockdown, leaving. With the skills shortage, businesses are having to develop menus that they can confidently deliver to a high standard every time. With this in mind… here’s 3 reasons why our premium hand cut and hand coated Homestyle range can provide fantastic value for money and help you meet higher consumer expectations.

Fit for purpose

Meadow Vale Foods developed the Homestyle brand to appeal directly to the delivery, street food and QSR markets. Premiumisation remains a strong trend as consumer expectations of the quality, consistency and variety of delivered meals continues to increase… Look no further than Homestyle!

The versatility of the Homestyle brand has proved to be a huge selling point for caterers looking to diversify their menus. From the satisfying crunch of our Fried Fillet lines, to the irresistibly moreish appeal of our award winning Crispy Shredded Chicken range, there really is an endless scope of possibilities to simplify and differentiate your menu offerings with the Homestyle range.

Each portion is hand-cut and coated with an authentic variety of flavours to give a truly home cooked distinction. The innovative coating stays crunchy for longer whilst ensuring the core stays succulent even when kept under a heat lamp, making it perfect for delivery.

Convinience is a fine thing

There has never been a more important time for food businesses to hasten their service, stem staff shortages and cut costs. The impact of Brexit and lockdown revealed a significant skills shortage and reduced staffing levels, as hospitality staff remain reluctant to return to the sector.

The beauty of our Homestyle brand lies in the opportunity for simplified menu ideas delivered with a high consistency of quality and fast-service. Take our highly successful Homestyle Crispy Shredded Chicken lines…

Deep-fried from frozen in just 90 seconds, these tender strips remain crunchy for longer thanks to their innovative textured coating, meaning reduced preparation times and improved portion control.

Deep frying is just one of many possibilities to cook the Homestyle range, also including oven bake or merry chef, meaning you can serve high quality, great tasting chicken with the method that works for you! Whether a fast-food outlet, restaurant or school kitchen, the Homestyle range provides an endless scope of possibilities for great tasting, quickly prepared meals.

Go frozen, save time, save waste

Preparing your own batter, buying in the ingredients and marinating chicken overnight are just a few of the extra processes needed when preparing from fresh… is it worth it?

The British Frozen Food Federation reported that frozen was growing at a much faster rate than fresh over lockdown, driven by the fantastic innovation and quality of products produced by frozen food suppliers.

What’s more, going frozen allows caterers to simply pick products from the freezer as orders come in, meaning concerns over using raw produce and wasting vast amounts of fresh food are eliminated. It is estimated that one third of food produced today is either lost or wasted worldwide, including a staggering 4.5 million tonnes of food waste in the UK every year, so now is a better time than ever to go frozen.

See our full Homestyle range and request a free sample to try on your menu by clicking here.