Back to School! How Meadow Vale is sustainably supporting school meals

Published on 14th September 2021

Back to School! How Meadow Vale is sustainably supporting school meals

At Meadow Vale Foods, we believe school mealtimes are a great opportunity to experience new flavours and eating styles, along with establishing a nutritious diet helping students to stay focused.

Our company has worked within the education sector for over 30 years, developing great tasting chicken products, loved by chefs and students alike.

The versatility, quality and convenience of our products are great for the education sector and we work closely with schools and universities to develop new products that meet dietary and nutrition standards, along with providing on-trend menu ideas and flavours.

The ‘new normal’ in secondary schools require healthier and tastier foods that can be prepared with speed and convenience for students to eat on the move between classes. Look no further than our Goodness Me! range.

The Goodness Me! brand is our most sustainable range to date. Now using only responsibly sourced palm oil (RSPO), with reduced salt and allergens, no phosphates and fully recyclable packaging, the range offers an excellent incentive for schools looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

Chris Moyes, Development Chef at Meadow Vale, described the fantastic versatility and convenience of the Goodness Me! range, saying:

“Our exciting relaunched Goodness Me! range was developed specifically for the Education sector, the versatility and quick cook times of each product make it perfect for the lunch time rush.”

Want to see how Meadow Vale products can work for your school or university? Get inspired with our range of comprehensive menu idea videos demonstrating the flexibility of the range by clicking here.