Fast-casual restaurants come out on top on new app Top Dish

Published on 27th November 2019

Fast-casual restaurants come out on top on new app Top Dish

Top dish, a new rating app launched in September, found that the top five rated restaurants all fall into the ‘fast casual’ format after receiving over 90,000 reviews.

The top 5 restaurants were Wagamama, Franco Manca, Bill’s, Honest Burgers and Côte Brasserie. This does not come as any surprise, with the fast casual dining format taking over as the most in-demand service on the market as demand for great tasting food deliveries accelerate.

Our Homestyle range was specifically developed for the fast casual market and these are the reasons why it is the perfect fit.

Quick cook

All Homestyle products are quick cook from frozen with a variety of different cooking methods including oven-bake, deep fry or even in a Merry Chef.

Risk free

All are fully cooked eliminating the risk of handling raw poultry, which as seen here can be quite costly.

Crunchy coating

All use our innovative, authentic coating which remains crunchy when cooled and keeps the chicken succulent inside perfect for the delivery market.


Each product can be used across a variety of menu options which you can see in our menu idea section on our website.

Top Dish is an app that allows diners to rate individual dishes at their favourite restaurants, allowing those of us who are a little more indecisive to see what the favourites among fellow diners are.