Goodness Me! continues to lead the market, 25 years on

Published on 9th August 2021

Goodness Me! continues to lead the market, 25 years on

As Meadowvale’s first branded food service product range launched over 25 years ago, Goodness Me! quickly became number 1 in popularity and central to the hospitality sector, from the school canteen to your favourite restaurant.

Throughout the years, Goodness Me! has remained largely unchanged, that is until now.

Meadowvale Foods is delighted to unveil exciting, new developments to the Goodness Me! Brand, it’s most sustainable range yet. Now using only responsibly sourced palm oil, with reduced salt and allergens, no phosphates and fully recyclable packaging.

Nigel O’Donnell, Managing Director of Meadowvale Foods explained the key strengths and benefits of the brand foing forward, saying:

“I’m thrilled to share the developments we’ve made to the Goodness Me! brand."

"The brief was clear, continue to deliver on our core values of serving healthier, tastier chicken, that have made us so successful, whilst bringing it in line with our goal to reduce our impact on the environment.”

Nigel continued,

“The new look GoodnessMe packaging is now fully recyclable, eliminating at least 9 tonnes of plastic going to landfill every year. In terms of the product, we only use responsibly sourced palm oil (RSPO), allergens have been reduced, salt content meets FSA guidelines and the meat content has been increased."

"All of this has been achieved whilst continuing to deliver great tasting, healthier chicken, using only natural chicken breast fillet, which of course, is fully cooked and individually quick frozen to help reduce waste and eliminate the risk of handling raw poultry, even more important in today’s environment.”

With the introduction of recyclable packaging, we have also taken the opportunity to upgrade the pack design and introduce all new on trend imagery for greater stand out in freezer. We have also created a number of menu idea videos to demonstrate the flexibility of the range and provide inspiration.

Chris Moyes, Development Chef at Meadow Vale praised the versitiliy of the brand, saying:

“Each product has so much versatility. From sandwiches to salads, wraps to burgers and great tasting curries, the products can be oven baked, added straight to your dish or thaw and served."

"As a chef in a busy kitchen, you can be confident you’re serving healthier, tastier natural chicken fillet breast with reduced salt, allergens and no phosphates.”

To request more information on the Goodness Me! range, please get in touch.