Our Commitment to Sustainability

Published on 16th August 2021

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Moving our Goodness Me! range to recyclable packaging, eliminating food waste and installing solar panels to help power our offices are just a few examples of steps we are taking on our journey to become a more sustainable business and reduce our impact on the environment.


One of our biggest changes is to our packaging, we are delighted to announce a major step forward on our packaging with our relaunched Goodness Me range now using only fully recyclable packaging, reducing our waste to landfill by 9 tonne each year. Alongside this we have reduced the bag size of our popular Cooked Chicken portion range saving a further 1 tonne.

Food Waste

A huge talking point within the industry is around food waste, restaurants are estimated to waste 200,000 tonnes of food each year. Frozen is a great way to combat waste as you only use what you need and it has a much longer shelf life. With our focus on tackling food waste, we have not sent any food to landfill for well over 5 years, we have also seen a huge trend of the industry switching to frozen to combat waste and the unpredictability we experienced during COVID.

Other great changes we have made is ditching the polystyrene when sending out samples to customers, these have moved to a printed carboard box which is fully recyclable and insulated with Wool from Wool Cool a natural recycled product that helps keep our products frozen.

Our main office building is now fitted with Solar Panels helping us produce renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Finally becoming more sustainable isn’t just about reducing our carbon footprint, we support our local community by making regular food donations to local charities.