Three reasons why Homestyle fits the bill for delivery

Published on 22nd December 2021

Three reasons why Homestyle fits the bill for delivery

Meal delivery, on the go and take-away continue to rule the roost in the ‘out of home’ food service industry, and we’re here to help you get ahead of the curve to meet the ever-increasing expectations of your consumers.

Latest research shows meal delivery, on the go and take away, accounted for over half of total ‘out of home’ spend in 2021, so offering good quality, streamlined delivery service is crucial, check out our helpful guide on how to get started here.

Why the big increase? It’s easy to point fingers at Covid… but since more and more restaurants are utilising delivery services such as Just Eat and Deliveroo, consumer demand for high quality meals brought to their door has sky rocketed.

With this in mind, here’s three reasons why our Homestyle brand can help you win over even the strictest of foodies amongst your customers… straight from the freezer.

Quality always wins

Quality is still consumers’ number 1 driver on where they will eat, coming in above price and breadth of choice. With this in mind, it could be a good idea to prioritise traditional consumer favourites and do these really well, alongside healthier options and any seasonal specials.

Keep the crunch

The major complaint people have when ordering food delivery is it arriving cold, tried and tested by our Development Team the innovative Homestyle coating keeps it crunch for extended periods whilst maintaining a warm, succulent core. Helping you extend your delivery zone whilst still keeping your customers happy with quality, consistent products.

Flexibility is your friend

71% of consumers would like to see new items on their food menu at least once a month, our versatile Homestyle range is perfect for changing your menu whilst still keeping the same core ingredients allowing you to use one product across your menu. Our Development Chef has created a quick and easy guide of 8 different ways you can use our Shredded Chicken on your menu, download it here.

You can view our award-winning Homestyle Range here, if you are looking to source a supplier or stock the range, please contact our Development Chef Chris Moyes on 01978 666115 or simply fill in a contact form.