Two quick and easy guides for food delivery success

Published on 14th July 2020

Two quick and easy guides for food delivery success

The pandemic has led to some of the most challenging times for the food service industry, from the initial forced closures of pubs and restaurants to now, where eateries can only open at a reduced capacity.

Delivery has proven to be a great solution for the industry, with the government lifting restrictions and demand remaining high for ready-to-eat food. With the potential of a second wave, it is vitally important to prepare and be ready for a delivery only service once again.

Click on our easy to follow guides below, showing how you can get started with food delivery, including useful tips to make sure it is a success for your business:

4 Step Guide for switching to Food Delivery

This looks at the initial steps to take when offering food delivery. Online delivery services such as Just Eat have seen a sales growth of 50% during the pandemic and are great at promoting your business if you don’t already have an online following.

4 Step Guide to a successful Delivery Menu

It is vital that you keep your food delivery service simple. Buying in products that can be used across your menu will not only help with storage space, but make it easier for your reduced staff to keep up with orders.