WIN BIG with Klucky by redeeming your codes today!

Published on 13th July 2022

WIN BIG with Klucky by redeeming your codes today!

Do you use Meadow Vale Klucky promotional products?

Klucky’s prize barn has been refilled, which means you can start redeeming your codes and claim points to win a whole host of fantastic prizes!

The first draw will take place on Wednesday 27th July, when one of our lucky customers will win a day out to GoApe for 4 people worth £100.

Not familiar with Klucky? Here’s how it works…

How do Klucky points work?

How to enter.jpg

Klucky points are collected by redeeming unique codes which are found on the back of selected Meadow Vale products. The points can then be redeemed on the Klucky website for prize draw entries to win anything from cash, to days out and fancy gifts!

All you have to do is claim enough Klucky points to enter the draw for a particular prize, for example, a cash prize of £100 will require 2,500 points.

If you buy Klucky promotional products from Meadow Vale, then what are you waiting for? Start redeeming your codes now and claim your points to be with a chance of winning a whole host of fantastic prizes!

Go to to start entering your codes and to find out more about prizes, draw dates and promotional products.