4 ways to improve your food offering on campus

Published on 8th October 2020

4 ways to improve your food offering on campus

Despite the concerns over COVID-19, the number of new applicants to attend university is still up on the previous year.

A-level results also saw more students accepted onto their desired course than last year. This is great news after concerns over attendance due to the pandemic.

Are you a university eatery looking to improve your menu offering to students? Here ways in which Meadow Vale can help you please the student masses from semester one:

Diversify your offering

A great way to diversify and improve your food offering to students is to open individual small sized restaurants/shops that each specialise in different varieties of food, whether it be a pizza shop, salad bar, noodle bar or a chicken shop. It’s a great way to be able to keep the queues down and help with social distancing whilst offering students a creative way of dining and allowing them to go directly to a food option they prefer.

Street food

Like in schools, grab-and-go food is key when reopening. Students want something they can quickly grab between lectures without cutting back on quality. Our award winning Shredded Chicken cooks in 1-2 minutes and can be used for simple, great tasting menu ideas. Grab-and-go also allows students to take food back to their halls to prevent large groups gathering, which is fundamental to tackling Covid-19.

Not just for lunch

Unlike schools, students will be on campus all day meaning your menu needs to appeal from breakfast to teatime. Adapt your menu slightly using the same key ingredients to keep it easy for staff. A good example would be using our Homestyle Chicken Fillets in a burger for lunch, transitioning into a Chicken Katsu Curry for tea. The options are endless, so give students a good reason to stay on campus for food.

Meadow Vale a proven success with universities

Meadow Vale has been working within the education sector for over 30 years. Having worked closely with many universities in the past offering high quality dishes with a big appeal, we have the right products to suit your students no matter of taste and preference.

For a range of on-trend menu ideas, download our new education brochure. and start creating dishes for students to desire!